Head Coach Kendo and Jodo

Luigi RIGOLIO 6th Dan Kendo 5th Dan Jodo

Kendo and Jodo training lessons are coached by Luigi Rigolio (Kendo 6th Dan - Jodo 5th Dan), one of the first Chairmen of Confederazione Italiana Kendo (Italian Kendo Confederation).

He started Kend practice over 30 years ago and has been a constant member in the Italian national team, from 1992 to 1996. He practiced for several years also Karate and Kyudo, the traditional Japanese archery.

mobile +39.3483900354


Kendo Instructor

Luca Colombo 6th Dan Kendo 2nd Dan Jodo

Kendo Instructor

Daniele Sacco 4th Dan Kendo

Kendo Instructor

Michel Calvino 4th Dan Kendo

Kendo Instructor

Corrado Parigi - 4th Dan Kendo

Kendo Instructor

Claudio Di Pasqua 3rd Dan Kendo

Kendo Instructor

Andrea Coltro - 3rd Dan kendo

Iaido Instructor

Marco Tonegato - 4th Dan Iaido


Club Chairman

Arnaldo Borsa 1st Dan Kendo and 2nd Dan Jodo


Team Manager Kendo

Solange Di Paolo 2nd Dan Kendo


Club Treasurer

Fabrizio Vecchio 1st Dan Kendo


Club Equipment

Marco Tonegato 4th Dan Iaido 3rd Dan Kendo


Club Secretary

Riccardo Chiarotto

Social Media Manager

Elisa Sanna 3rd Dan Kendo